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  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Protecting our rights

  • Legal advice

  • financial advice


MEDIATION (the word derives from the Latin word mediator, which means reassuring mediation) as a method of peaceful settlement of disputes, is a voluntary, non-judicial process to resolve contentious issues.

  • Contract Law (Civil Law)

    - Composition of civil law contracts

    - Claims for damages

    - Complaints and objections to the work of state bodies or local authorities

  • Commercial Law

    - Composition of contracts of commercial law

    - Support the creation and transformation of the legal forms provided for Corporate

    - Assistance in the drafting of internal acts of bodies corporate

    - Composition of the proposals for bankruptcy or compulsory settlement proceedings and to commence the process of liquidation and creditors' claims notifications

  • Law of property

    - Acquisition of extract and view data in the land register

    - Review of land slips and other documents for the sale or purchase of property

    - Acquisition of all types of land proposals

  • Law Enforcement

    - Recovery of claims (reminders, conversations with debtors)

    - Submission of executive proposals

  • Labour law

    - Consultancy in the implementation of ordinary or extraordinary termination of the employment contract from the side of employer or the worker

    - Consulting on the implementation of mutually agreed termination of the employment contract,

    - The establishment and maintenance of disciplinary proceedings

    - The composition of the employer's general acts

  • Family law

    - Composition of the divorce agreement

    - For the peaceful solution of disputes between married and unmarried partners we suggest mediation.

  • Inheritance law

    - Composition of Wills

    - Advising and composition of succession agreements

    - Sestava pogodb o dosmrtnem preživljanju

     - Composition of endowment contracts


I am also contract negotiatior to resolve disputes, often stemming from insurance in software development in the media industry, but also in the disputes that arise within the working process. Edit working conditions coveres companies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and unions.
My work relates to the review and renegotiation of existing contracts, the preparation and signing of new contracts by the policies followed by the company, corporate, nonprofit organization, government agency, union and granted economic data. 


  A personable, charismatic and efficient professional, who is able to bring an assortment of knowledge and skills to every area of a business. I deal with things with a due diligence and passionately. I have the ability to understand big picture concepts and to dive into the detail needed to implement them. I follow to creation to clients win-win initiatives.
 I graduated at the European Faculty of Law in Nova Gorica. The knowledge and experience I have acquired in companies in the Slovenian area, as in recent years abroad. Throughout my career, I am dealing with relations between people, such as interpersonal relations of private life, as with interpersonal relationships that arise in various business environments and in different business areas.
 It is an honor and challenge for me to accede to your problems, to approach different situations. These will be undertaken with all the professional competence and giving a cause to the best possible solution in the given circumstances.


Simona Langerholc,

Legal counsel

Mobile: 0038641-352-756

For any kind information, availability every working day from 9 till 18 hour by local time.

For an appointment please reach us either by phone or email to set a meeting.